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Mortgages for Foreign Nationals
We manage your expectations and make the process as smooth as possible.

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Mortgage Brokers for Foreign Nationals

Many of our clients here at AS Financial do not have permanent rights to reside. Being a fully independent advisor, we are able to help individuals from most countries, whether it be for somewhere to live or as an investment in the UK.

Our special links with the private banks means we can access underwriters who are more flexible in accepting different and varying incomes and using assets to prove affordability.

Due to this area of lending being so bespoke, the process is more difficult and elongated, but we at AS Financial have the expertise to manage your expectations and make the process as smooth as possible.

Modern Mortgage Advice

In conjunction with our highly trained professional mortgage advisers, AS Financial uses the latest industry technologies to make your mortgage journey more educated and informed. AS Financial believes in using technology to make your life easier, not forcing our clients to use technology. It’s important to us that you always have advice from a mortgage professional and every client has their own allocated adviser.


Truly Independent Advice

AS Financial searches the whole market each and every time. You are an individual with individual circumstances making you unique. We understand and embrace these differences and carry out bespoke market research for every one of our clients. Of course we want you to get a great rate, but more importantly, we are here to make sure you achieve your goals from first property purchase to re-mortgaging your buy to let portfolio.


Expert Implementation

AS Financial believes in mortgage professionals, not just in the areas of advice, but also in progressing your mortgage and making sure it completes. At each stage of your mortgage you are allocated the correct expert for you to rely on, through our Technical Progressing Team and our Completion Team. We truly believe this sets us apart in the mortgage advice arena and makes sure our clients get the attention they deserve at all stages.

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